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State Designates Sonoma County a ‘Prohousing Jurisdiction’

SANTA ROSA, CA | July 14, 2023

The state Department of Housing and Community Development today issued a “Prohousing Designation” to the County of Sonoma, opening up greater opportunities for local affordable housing projects. To be eligible for the designation, the county needed to confirm that it will not adopt laws or policies that inhibit or constrain housing production, such as restrictive zoning or development standards, and commit to affirmatively encouraging fair housing. The designation makes Sonoma County eligible to receive preference for a variety of state grant programs, including those that fund affordable housing.

“Bestowing a ‘Prohousing Designation’ on Sonoma County is a badge of honor for us,” Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chair Chris Coursey said. “Smart housing policies advance our equity and environmental goals while tackling Sonoma County’s housing crisis.”

Local governments with Prohousing Designation are eligible to apply for new Prohousing Incentive Program grant funding, a $26 million state investment from the Building Homes and Jobs Trust Fund. Prohousing designated local governments also may receive priority processing or funding points when applying for several funding programs including:

  • Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities
  • Infill Infrastructure Grant
  • Transformative Climate Communities
  • Solutions for Congested Corridors
  • Local Partnership Program
  • Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program 

The AHSC funds land use and housing projects that support infill and compact development that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and benefit disadvantaged communities through transit-oriented development. The IIG is a grant program that provides gap funds for capital improvement projects necessary to develop residential and mixed-use infill developments. The TCC program seeks to fund development and infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution in communities most impacted by pollution.

“Creative efforts to enhance state and local partnerships are essential to meeting ambitious and necessary state housing goals,” said Gustavo Velasquez, director of the California Department of Housing and Community Development. “We recognize today local governments that are breaking down barriers to affordable housing, and reward those good actors with incentives to enhance the work they are already doing.” 

Media Contacts:
Bradley Dunn, Permit Sonoma Policy Manager
(707) 321-0502
2550 Ventura Ave.
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