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Use Permits

A Use Permit application is required for development projects that are typically more intensive than Permitted Uses. Use Permit applications often require a public hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustments. When processed with a Zone Change and/or a General Plan Amendment, the public hearing will be before the Planning Commission.

Examples of uses requiring a Use Permit are:

Use Permits are discretionary in nature, and, if approved, will include conditions of approval. A Use Permit can only be approved if found to be consistent with each of the following:

Submit Planning Applications Electronically

Customers must submit planning applications electronically. Because our online permitting portal is not yet configured for Planning e-submittals, the submittal process will take place by email.

Please follow the process to submit a planning application online:

Submit Electronic Applications


The County of Sonoma began to accept applications for Cannabis permits on July 5, 2017. View instructions and forms necessary for obtaining Cannabis-related use permits in unincorporated Sonoma County for the categories listed below:

  • Cultivation
  • Dispensaries
  • Distribution and Transportation
  • Manufacturing

Minor – Live Work

All listed forms and instructions must be completed and submitted.


PJR-053 - Live/Work Uses


Wineries and Winery Events

A use permit is required for wineries and winery events.

Winery Use Permit Applications Process

Use Permit Process Video