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Building Inspection

Instructions and Forms related to Building inspections for Permit Sonoma.

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Do Not Print Out Construction Plans or Other Documentsdo not print

Construction plans and documents are to be submitted electronically. Paper documents are not accepted when applying for a permit.

The instructions and forms listed below are undergoing review. Some may still contain outdated instructions to print out copies of construction plans and documents. Please ignore that instruction and submit electronically. Only print items if directly instructed by Permit Sonoma for your situation.

Instructions and Forms

BPC-001 Residential Handrail Requirements

This page provides the requirements for construction and placement of handrails for stairways and ramps in residential construction. These requirements are based on Chapter 10 California Building Code and Section R311.7 of the California Residential Code. (Version 02/05/2020)

BPC-005 When is a Building Permit Not Required?

This page provides a list of work that does not require a building permit in unincorporated Sonoma County. (Version 05/26/2023)

BPC-007 Temporary Occupancy Procedures

This page explains the procedures for obtaining temporary occupancy of a building or a portion of a building prior to the building being completed and the permit being finaled. (Revised 08/31/2018, Reviewed 01/2020)

BPC-015 Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for Accessibility Upgrades - Under Valuation Threshold (PDF)

This form is used to request a hardship exemption for accessibility upgrades on projects with a construction cost less than the current valuation threshold. (PDF) (Version 01/17/2024)

BPC-023 Fence Requirements

Fences are regulated by building and zoning codes and may require a building permit and a use permit depending upon the fence height and location. (Version 02/05/2020)

BPC-026 Egress Components for Manufactured Homes

This page provide the requirements for egress components for manufactured homes. (Version: 01/07/2020)

BPC-032 Application for Unreasonable Hardship Determination for Accessibility Upgrades - Over Valuation Threshold (PDF)

This form is used to request a hardship exemption for accessibility upgrades on projects with a total valuation that exceeds the current year's valuation threshold. (PDF) (Version 01/17/2024)

CNI-002 Site Evaluation Procedures for Building and Grading Permits

This page provides information about the required application materials and procedures for building and grading permit site evaluations. (Version: 01/30/2020)

CNI-003 Substantial Improvement / Substantial Damage Valuation Summary for FEMA Compliance (PDF)

This form is to be completed for all permits issued to reconstruct, rehabilitate, alter, repair or make additions to buildings located in designated flood areas.  (PDF: 179 kB) (Revised 10/10/2018)

CNI-004 Building Inspection Procedures

Instructions for scheduling building inspections after a building permit has been issued. (Version: 09/23/2021)

CNI-008 Code Modifications & Alternate Materials, Designs or Methods (PDF)

Under California Building Code (Section 104.11), the Building Official may approve the use of an alternate material, method of construction or design not specifically prescribed by the building codes. This form is used to request such an approval. (Version: 03/08/2023)

CNI-010 Special Inspection & Testing Procedure

Requirements for projects requiring special inspection and structural observation per Chapter 17 of the California Building Code (CBC). (Revised 07/30/2019, Reviewed 01/2020)

CNI-014 Special Inspection Agency Recognition List

Special Inspection Agencies approved to perform services in unincorporated Sonoma County in the following categories: Reinforced Concrete, Prestressed/Post-tensioned Concrete, Structural Masonry, Structural Steel Welding/Bolting, Spray-Applied Fireproofing Tests Only, Unreinforced Masonry Push/Torque (Version: 07/31/2023)

CNI-016 Board of Building Appeals Form  (PDF)

This form is used to request an appeal to the Board of Building Appeals of a determination by an authorized Sonoma County official related to the application and interpretation of the building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, housing and related model codes.  (PDF: 184 kB) (Version: 03/11/2020)

CNI-017 Standard Carport Design

Deviations from this design will require the submission of engineered plans. (Revised 06/28/2005, Reviewed 01/2020)

CNI-019 Agreement for Early Release of Utilities (PDF)

The purpose of this form is to document and approve the early release of utilities for projects that are under construction. (PDF: 189 kB) (Revised 10/10/2018)

CNI-020 Emergency Escape & Rescue Windows

Basements of dwelling units, habitable attics, and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable window or door approved for emergency escape and rescue opening. (Version 02/05/2020)

CNI-023 Reroofing Verification/Completion Form (PDF)

This form is to be completed by a licensed roofing contractor participating in the Sonoma County Self Certification Reroofing Program. (PDF: 176  kB) (Revised 09/01/2018)

CNI-026 Flood Damage Electrical Circuit Megohmeter Testing Form (PDF)

To check the condition of conductor insulation using a minimum 500v DC megohmeter. This test must be performed by a licensed electrician on all inundated, and not yet replaced, power and control circuits. (PDF: 256 kB) (Revised 10/10/2018)

CNI-027 Flood Damaged Electrical Requirements

Requirements for the repair and replacement of flood damaged electrical wiring and equipment. (Revised 01/11/2006)

CNI-029 Inspection Requirements for Swimming Pools & Spas

Identify required inspections during the construction of a gunite or fiberglass swimming pool/spa. (Version 02/05/2020)

CNI-030 Agricultural Building Permit Exemption

Procedures for processing agricultural building permit exemptions. (Revised 04/21/2009, Reviewed 01/2020)

CNI-031 Building Site Evaluation Waiver  (PDF)

This form is used to request the waiver of a building site evaluation under Permit Sonoma Policy No. 4-0-2. (PDF: 269 kB) (Version: 03/11/2020)

CNI-033 Statement of Special Inspections (PDF)

The Schedule of Special Inspections summarizes the special inspections and tests required. Special inspectors shall refer to the approved plans and specifications for detailed special inspection requirements.  (PDF: 530 kB) (Version 01/01/2020)

CNI-033A Statement of Special Inspections: Steel Appendix (PDF)

The Schedule of Special Inspections Steel Appendix summarizes the special inspections and tests required. Special inspectors shall refer to the approved plans and specifications for detailed special inspection requirements.  (PDF: 567 kB) (Version 04/27/2020)

CNI-033R Statement of Special Inspections Residential (PDF)

The Schedule of Special Inspections for Residential Properties summarizes the special inspections and tests required. Special inspectors shall refer to the approved plans and specifications for detailed special inspection requirements. (PDF: 374 kB) (Version 04/27/2020)

CNI-036 Water Heaters

This handout is to inform building permit applicants of the specific codes that may be required when replacing an existing water heater with another water heater or heat pump. (Version 08/30/2023)

CNI-037 Smoke / Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Self Verification Form (PDF)

By signing this document, the property owner certifies to Permit Sonoma that both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms have been installed on site.  (PDF) (Version 11/28/2022)

CNI-039 Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures

Guidance regarding when building inspection staff should verify the replacement of non compliant water-conserving plumbing fixtures within existing single-family dwellings. (Revised 02/28/2014, Reviewed 01/2020)

CNI-040 CALGreen Special Inspector Application Form (PDF)

Prior to submitting any plans or projects as a CALGreen Special Inspector for Sonoma County, a CALGreen Inspector shall be listed as an approved inspector or Agency on the Sonoma County CALGreen Special Inspector Agency Recognition List. (PDF: 173 kB) (Revised 10/10/2018)

CNI-041 CALGreen Special Inspection Agency Recognition List

CALGreen Special Inspection Agency Recognition List (Version 11/02/2020)

CNI-042 Integrating CALGreen Special Inspection into the Building Permit Process

On September 1, 2015, CALGreen field verification shifted from a Permit Sonoma field inspector duty to that of a CALGreen Special Inspector. (PDF: 106 kB) (Revised 10/10/2018)

CNI-043 CALGreen Special Inspector Project Verification Form (PDF)

Verification for that the work has been inspected and documented sufficiently in accordance  the requirements set forth in the California Green Building Standards Code as adopted and amended by the Sonoma County Code. (PDF: 148 kB) (Revised 10/10/2018)

CNI-044 Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

CNI-044 Swimming Pool Safety Regulations (Updated 09/26/2018, Reviewed 01/2020)

CSS-019 Minimum Standard Site Plan Requirements

Minimum standard site plan requirements for most applications at Permit Sonoma. (Planning applications have different site plan requirements.) (Revised 12/09/2020)

CSS-020 Building Permit Application - Revised Information  (PDF)

This form must be completed when there has been a change in owner or contractor on an issued building or grading permit (PDF: 310 kB) (Version 05/29/2020)

CSS-026 Owner Builder Information, Notice to Property Owner & Owner Authorization (PDF)

Assembly Bill 2335, 2008 amended California Health and Safety Code, Section 19825, regarding disclosures and verifications required for all applicants seeking Owner-Builder construction permits. These application requirements provide an enhanced level of consumer awareness and protection for property owners accepting the risks associated with Owner-Builder construction permits.  (PDF: 352 kB) (Revised 05/27/2020)

CSS-027 Notice to Recipients of Ministerial Permits

The County’s issuance of this permit is a ministerial act. Permit Sonoma bases permit issuance on compliance with the County Code. The agency does not withhold permit issuance for other agency permits or approvals. (Revised 02/04/2016)

NPD-002 Protection of Stormwater Quality on Construction Sites

Information for owners and contractors regarding their responsibility to protect stormwater quality during construction and recommendations for protecting stormwater quality. Responsible and proper construction management at the job site is essential for the protection of stormwater quality. (Version 03/16/2023)

NPD-007 Best Management Practices for Construction Sites

The purpose of this document is to provide information about Best Management Practices that construction site managers shall implement to keep pollutants from entering the storm drain system or nearby waterways. (Version 03/16/2023)