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Permit Services


Apply for Permits

Apply by using our Permit Wizard or view a list of available permits.


Check Permit Status

Log into your Permits Online account and select "View All Records"


Pay Permit Fees

Use the record search to search for permit Record Number, select desired permit, and then select "Payments" button.


Rebuilding After Declared Disaster

Official Rebuilding information for unincorporated Sonoma County after major wildfires


Permit Types

Find out about the permit and application requirements for your project, property use, or event.



Schedule an inspection for Building, Engineering & Water, Fire Prevention, and Well & Septic.


Permit Guidelines & Documents

Permit Instructions & Forms, Policies and Procedures, Building Technical Bulletins, Fee Schedules, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Permits Online

Online permitting tool to apply for most permits (including Rebuilding permits), pay permit fees, check permit status, schedule inspections, look up your property's information, etc.


Permit Tools

Online electronic tools to assist you with your online permitting needs, find out your Zoning and Land Use, search for permit history, search for submitted documents associated with permits, report a code compliance issue, apply electronically for residential rooftop solar permits, etc.


Permit Center

Permit Sonoma’s Permit Center, located in the public lobby area of the Permit Sonoma building, is the one stop shop for obtaining various permits or finding out permit history information for unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.


Permit Sonoma Virtual Office

Information about Permit Sonoma's virtual operations.