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Instructions and Forms

Instructions describing the requirements for permit applications and forms that must be filled out as part of the process.

Do Not Print Out Construction Plans or Other Documentsdo not print

Construction plans and documents are to be submitted electronically. Paper documents are not accepted when applying for a permit.

The instructions and forms listed below are undergoing review. Some may still contain outdated instructions to print out copies of construction plans and documents. Please ignore that instruction and submit electronically. Only print items if directly instructed by Permit Sonoma for your situation.


Agricultural Preserve Instructions & Forms

Instructions and forms for establishing an agricultural preserve. The goal of the County’s agricultural preserve program is long-term preservation of agricultural and open space lands.


Building & Grading Plan Check

Instructions and Forms related to construction plans that will be reviewed by the Building or Grading Plan Check sections of Permit Sonoma.


Building Inspection

Instructions and Forms related to Building inspections for Permit Sonoma.


Cannabis Program Zoning and Use Permits

Instructions and forms necessary for obtaining Cannabis-related use permits and zoning permits in unincorporated Sonoma County for the categories listed.


Certificates of Compliance

Administrative Certificate of Compliance (ACC) and Conditional Certificate of Compliance (CCC)


Coastal Permit

Coastal permits are required for development on parcels located within the Coastal Zone (containing "CC" in their zoning code designation). Coastal permits are processed either administratively without a hearing, or with a public hearing, typically by the Board of Zoning Adjustments.


Code Enforcement

Instructions and forms required for resolving code enforcement violations.


Design Review Instructions and Forms

Design Review for various project types from Commerical and Industrial, Housing Developments, and Historic Resources to Fences and Signs.


Encroachment Permits

Instructions and Forms related to Encroachment permits needed to conduct activities in the “public right of way,” which is public property in unincorporated Sonoma County such as roadways, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.


Fire Prevention and Hazardous Materials

Instructions and Forms that will be reviewed by the Fire Prevention and Hazardous Materials Division of Permit Sonoma.


Grading, Flood, & Storm Water

Instructions and Forms related to Grading, Drainage, Flood, & Storm Water for Permit Sonoma.



Instructions and forms for permits related to Land Use & Zoning issued by the Planning Division listed by permit type.


Public Sewer

Instructions and forms related to public sanitation sewers.


Solar Permits

Instructions and forms for installing a photovoltaic or thermal system.



A minor subdivision is a division of land into four (4) or fewer parcels. A major subdivision is a division of land into five (5) or more parcels. Modifications can be made to a recorded parcel map (Minor Subdivision) or a final map (Major Subdivision) through the Certificate of Modification procedure.


Subdivisions and Survey for Engineers and Surveyors

Instructions and forms intended for engineering and land survey professionals.


Well & Septic Instructions and Forms

Instructions and forms necessary for applying for Well and Septic permits are listed.


Use Permits

A Use Permit application is required for development projects that are typically more intensive than Permitted Uses. Use Permit applications often require a public hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustments. When processed with a Zone Change and/or a General Plan Amendment, the public hearing will be before the Planning Commission.


Zoning Permits

Planning permits such as zoning permits may be required prior to the issuance of a building permit. Zoning clearances are required for building permits issued for new buildings, structures, or additions to existing buildings or structures. There may be additional setback requirements for a building depending upon the location near a scenic roadway or waterway.


Zone & Land Use Ordinance Changes

Below are the documents needed to begin the process of changing or amending Zoning, the General Plan, or specific plans.