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Performance Data

Find out statistics on Permit Sonoma's performance for various permits and records.

Rebuilding Permits Data

Numbers of rebuilding permits issued in unincorporated Sonoma County on parcels impacted by the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fire.

Housing Permits

Housing Permits Data

Charts and graphs depicting the number of housing-related permits that have been Started, Issued, and Finaled for single family dwellings (SFDs), accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and multi-family dwellings (MFDs).

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Permit Center Current Wait Times

The Permit Center handles large volumes of customers, which can result in significant wait times. Find out the current wait times and remotely get in line.

Time to Permit Issuance

How long does it take from application submission to issuance?

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Permit Reports

View comprehensive reports of Construction (Building) and Planning permits that were started during specific periods. They are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and Microsoft Excel (XLS) format.

Software and Technology Process Improvements

Software and technology improvements by Permit Sonoma's Department Informations Systems (DIS) section.