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HazMat CUPA Public Access Viewer
Search for HazMat CUPA facility information.

Search for documents associated with permits by permit number, parcel number, address, or category.

Note: Documents containing content that is proprietary or subject to copyright, like construction plans, are not available online to the public. This restricted content will not be listed in the results below. To view restricted documents, use the public kiosks at the main Permit Center.

Search Instructions:

  1. Scroll down this page to the Permit Sonoma document search box.
  2. Keep the Search Type drop-down field as "PRMD-PUBLIC."
  3. Enter search terms into the fields below the drop-down field to narrow the search.
  4. Select the "Search" button to initiate search.

    More Tips:
    • Use an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of a search term if you want to search using only a part of a word or a phrase (example: *searchterm*).
    • Spaces on the left side of the field will not be included in the search criteria.
    • If you don't see search results or want to increase your results,
      • Use an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of a search term (example: *searchterm*).
      • Try reducing the number of search terms (example: If searching for a Street Name of "Elm Street" try searching just for *Elm*).