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Timing of an Inspection

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Cut off Time

The cutoff time for next business day inspection requests or cancellations is 12:00 AM (midnight) on the previous day.

Inspections requested after midnight will be processed as though they were received on the following day.

Inspections may be requested on weekends and holidays for the next business day. See information under “Holidays" below.

Listen while Selectron repeats your entries back to you. If there are problems you will be given further information. In most cases you can press the # key to re-do an entry.

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If you call on the last business day before a holiday, the system will initially ask if you want to schedule your inspection on the holiday – press 1

After the system checks the calendar you will be told that your inspection could not be scheduled on the holiday, and that it has been scheduled for the next business day (the day and date are spoken back to you).

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