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Well & Septic Inspection Codes

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Below are the inspection codes for the following Well & Septic permit types:

  • SEP – Septic System Permit
    Tracks the plan check and construction of a septic system. This type of file can also refer to the evaluation of an existing septic system.
  • WEL – Water Well Permit
    A well drilling, well destruction, or pump test permit.
  • WSR – Well & Septic Site Review
    Field or Office site evaluation related to Well & Septic permits or activities.

For Next Day Inspections, you can request that the inspection be scheduled for the next working day, but it is a request, not a guarantee. We try to honor requests for the next day, but due to seasonal demand and staff availability, some inspections may need to be pushed back to another day.

Inspection Codes

Code Inspection Type
270 field clearance site inspection
285 graywater system construction inspection
286 package treatment system construction inspection
287 std system construction inspection
293 voluntary repair
294 abatement addition / repair
302 septic squirt test
303 septic reinspection
305 septic intercept drain
306 septic tank destruction
308 septic tank / sump water tight test
309 septic transmission line
310 septic final cover / monitor wells
319 septic final
322 well seal
324 well destruction
326 water well / spring yield
340 pre percolation site inspection
360 percolation test
384 wet weather percolation test
385 findings report site inspection
386 wet weather groundwater test