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Engineering Inspection Codes

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Below are tables listing the inspection codes for the following Engineering permit types:

  • ENC – Encroachment
  • ESR – Engineering Site Review
    Field or Office site evaluation related to Engineering permits or activities.
  • GRD – Grading
  • SEW – Sewer Systems
  • STW – Storm Water (formerly DRN – Drainage System)
  • WAT – Water Systems
  • Engineering Permit Final

Additional Notice (2-Day or 5-Day)

While the majority of inspections require only one (1) day notice, some inspections require two (2) day notice and others require five (5) day notice. Two and five day notice is required for the coordination of multiple parties (such as laboratory staff, inspection staff, and contractor) primarily on road improvements, subdivisions, and sewer mains. Inspections requiring two or five day notice are indicated in the inspection code lists below.

The Sea Ranch: All Sea Ranch Inspections require a 5 Day notice.

When making an inspection request and the the inspection is a 2-day or 5-day notice inspection, you will be logged (on the next business day) as a “Request for an Appointment”. You will be contacted by staff at the telephone number you leave with your request on or after that date to schedule the actual inspection day and time.

Note: “Day notice” is “business days of notice” in all cases below. Therefore an inspection requiring five day notice requires five business days of notice.

Drainage System Inspections

CodeInspection TypeAdditional Notice
640trench (drainage pipe) 
641drainage pipe / bedding 
642pipe backfill / compaction 
643pipe structures 
644inlet / outlet erosion protection 
649drainage final2 day notice

Encroachment Inspections

Code Inspection Type Additional Notice
238 Encroachment Resume Activity
239 Encroachment Traffic Control
240 start work (encroachment) 5 day notice
241 encroachment trenching  
242 encroachment pipe / bedding  
243 encroachment backfill / compaction  
244 encroachment pre-paving  
245 encroachment paving  
249 encroachment final  
250 public improvements warranty  

Grading Inspections

The Engineering Division is responsible for the inspection of almost all grading permits. Exception: Inspection of grading directly beneath a building structure (building pad, foundation, excavations, etc.) remains the responsibility of the Building Division.

CodeInspection TypeAdditional Notice
200site grading, pre-construction5 day notice
201start work5 day notice
202resume activity 2 day notice
203site grading, rough  
204sub drain  
205sub grade2 day notice
206site improvement, pre-paving  
207concrete flatwork & ADA  
208pad certification  
209pre-paving2 day notice
210paving2 day notice
211striping & signage5 day notice
212lighting & signs5 day notice
213keying & benching  
214slope stability/retaining wall  
215soil report certification  
216special inspection  
218site grading, pre-final5 day notice
219site grading, final2 day notice

Sewer System Inspections

Limited Inspections for The Sea Ranch: Sewer system inspections are limited to the first Thursday of each month only, for properties located in The Sea Ranch.

CodeInspection TypeAdditional Notice
430start work (sewer)5 day notice
431resume activity 
432sewer trench 
433sewer pipe / bedding 
434sewer backfill / compaction 
435sewer testing 
438sewer manhole 
439septic tank destruct with sewer connection 
440grease interceptor 
441pump system 
442sewer pre-paving 
443sewer paving 
449sewer final2 day notice

Storm Water Inspections

CodeInspection Type
650SUSMP Inspection
651Storm Water pre-construction
652Storm Water BMPs verification
654Storm Water site investigation
655Storm Water pre-rain season inspection
656Storm Water enforcement compliance
657Storm Water post-rain season inspection
659Storm Water final

Water Systems Inspections

CodeInspection Type
450water field work compliance
451water pipe installation
452water encroach requirements
453water well drawdown & yield
454water system hydrostatic test
459water system final

Engineering Permit Final Inspections

CodeInspection TypeAdditional Notice
198FSS/Fire Occupancy = final 
699Permit Final5 day notice