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Telephone Inspection Scheduling

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Permit Sonoma utilizes the Selectron IVR for inspection scheduling via telephone. You may also schedule inspections or find out inspection results via mobile app or online permitting tool.

Schedule or Cancel an Inspection
Call: (707) 565-3551

You will need your Permit Number and Inspection Code.

A strong cell phone signal and a touch tone keypad are needed to use the automated telephone system. If you experience problems, we recommend calling from an area with a stronger signal or using a land line.

Do not call the number above to schedule a Green Building/CALGreen inspection. Green Building/CALGreen inspections are performed by third party special inspectors, not Permit Sonoma staff. More Information

VuSpex Video Inspections

Permit Sonoma provides some inspection services via VuSpex remote video technology. Our goal is to keep your projects moving.

If you are selected for video inspection, please follow the instructions to get started with your first video inspection. If you scheduled an inspection by telephone or via Permits Online, our inspection team will call the morning of your scheduled inspection date with a time and additional instructions for your video inspection to begin. View Instructions


Choose an Option

  1. To schedule an inspection: Press 1
    To cancel an inspection: Press 2
    To hear the inspector’s estimated arrival time: Press 3
    (You must call after 8:00 AM the day of the inspection.)
    To hear inspection results: Press 4

Permit Number

  1. Permit numbers begin with 1 or 3 letter(s). Please enter the letter(s) at the beginning of your permit number. If there is only 1 letter, press 1, then enter the letter as prompted.
  2. Enter the 6 (or 7) numerical digits of your permit number. The address of the permit will be spoken back as a confirmation of your entry. If the street name is new and/or has not been voice recorded yet, only the street number will be spoken back.

Note: Selectron will not function properly if you “text” responses to the voice requests. Touch tone keypad number responses are required (e.g. BLD = 253, GRD = 473, SEW = 739, etc.).

Inspection Code

  1. Enter a 3 digit inspection code. You will also be prompted to leave a job site telephone number (in case we need to contact the jobsite on the day of the inspection) and a gate code if necessary to gain access to the property.

    Find inspection codes:
    Building Inspection Codes
    Engineering Inspection Codes
    Well & Septic Inspection Codes

Confirmation Number

  1. At the end of the inspection request or cancellation process, you will be given a confirmation number. Be prepared to write down the confirmation number as a verification of your transaction.

    Information inquiry calls (such as the inspector’s estimated arrival time or inspection results) do not receive confirmation numbers.

Cancelling an Inspection

All inspection cancellations must be requested prior to the cutoff time of 12:00 AM (midnight). Inspections requested for work which is not ready may result in the imposition of re-inspection fees. Cancelling an inspection is virtually the same as scheduling except that you will press 2 to cancel instead of 1 to request.

If you must cancel an inspection request after the cutoff time, call the office at (707) 565-1900 between 8:00 and 8:30 AM.