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Fire Prevention Inspection Codes

Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

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Areas with Limited Inspections

All inspections listed below are limited to specific days for properties located within The Sea Ranch, Timber Cove, Annapolis, and areas north of the towns of Cazadero and Jenner.

Fire Inspections
Mondays and Fridays only

Inspection Codes

CodeInspection Type
121Pre Construction Fire Safe Standards
133*Fire – Close-in
198Fire Final, Temp Occupancy
758Vegetation Management
770*Fire Sprinkler Final
771*Fire Sprinkler Above Ground Hydrostatic
772Fire Line Underground Hydrostatic
773Fire Line Underground Flush
774Fire Line Underground Thrust Block
775Pipe Welds
776Hydrants / Appliances
777Fire Pump Acceptance
778Water Supply / Tank
779**Alarm System Final
780Commercial Cooking Hood Suppression System
781Aboveground Fuel Tank/Dispenser
782Fire Mitigation

* 133, 770, and 771 must be scheduled by a Sprinkler Contractor.

** 779 must be scheduled by an Alarm Contractor.

Note: Please remember to get a confirmation number assigned by the automated system and verify the inspection was scheduled. Codes may not be assigned to a permit based on scope of work and will not notify fire staff of the request.

Before the Inspector Arrives at the Job Site

  1. The site address must be posted or displayed at the road, visible from both directions, at any forks in the road and at the site.
  2. The field inspection record card and approved plans must be on the job site and available for the inspector.
  3. The owner, contractor or owner’s agent must be present at the site for inspections in an occupied residence.
  4. The work to be inspected must be complete and accessible for inspection.
  5. If necessary, a sturdy ladder of sufficient length must be available for the inspection.

Note: Failure to meet these requirements will result in re-inspection fees being assessed.