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County Zoning Codes

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The format and organization of the Zoning Code has recently been improved. For more information on these improvements, please see the Zoning Code Update.

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Sonoma County Zoning Codes – Chapter 26

Find out what the zoning codes mean for properties that are not in the Coastal Zone (do not contain "CC" in their zoning code designation). Note: Most Sonoma County parcels are not in the Coastal Zone.

Zoning Code Designations

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Zoning Type Zoning Code Zoning Article Title Zoning Article Number
Agriculture LIA Land Intensive Agriculture District 06
Agriculture LEA Land Extensive Agriculture District 06
Agriculture DA Diverse Agriculture District 06
Combining WH Workforce Housing Combining District 75
Combining VR Visitor Residential Combining Zone 77
Combining VOH Valley Oak Habitat Combining District 67
Combining X Vacation Rental Exclusion Combining District 79
Combining TS Traffic Sensitive Combining District 80
Combining S Study District 54
Combining SR Scenic Resources Combining District 64
Combining RC Riparian Corridor Combining Zone 65
Combining RE Renewable Energy Combining Zone 60
Combining OAK Oak Woodland Combining District
Combining MR Mineral Resource Combining District 72
Combining LG Local Guidelines Combining District 63
Combining HD Historic Combining District 68
Combining G Geologic Hazard Area Combining District 70
Combining F1 Floodway Combining District 56
Combining F2 Floodplain Combining District 58
Combining B Combining Districts 78
Combining BH Biotic Habitat Combining Zone 66
Combining AH Affordable Housing Combining District 59
Combining Z Accessory Unit Exclusion Combining District 76
Commercial C2 Retail Business and Service District 10
Commercial K Recreation and Visitor-Serving Commercial District 10
Commercial C1 Neighborhood Commercial District 10
Commercial LC Limited Commercial District 10
Commercial C3 General Commercial District 10
Commercial CR Commercial Rural District 10
Commercial AS Agricultural Services District 10
Commercial CO Administrative and Professional Office District 10
Industrial M1 Limited Urban Industrial District 12
Industrial M3 Limited Rural Industrial District 12
Industrial MP Industrial Park District 12
Industrial M2 Heavy Industrial District 08
Residential RR Rural Residential District 08
Residential R2 Medium Density Residential District 08
Residential R1 Low Density Residential District 08
Residential R3 High Density Residential District 08
Residential AR Agriculture and Residential District 08
Resources TP Timberland Production District 06
Resources RRD Resources and Rural Development 06
Special PF Public Facilities District 14
Special PC Planned Community District 14

General Regulations

Zoning Article Zoning Article Number
Applicability of Zoning Districts to General Plan Land Use Categories 01
In General 02
Design Review 82
Sign Regulations 84
Parking Regulations 86

General Use and Bulk Exceptions - Building Lines

This Article contains multiple land-use regulations. Examples:

Affordable Housing Program Requirements and Incentives 89
Local Area Development Guidelines 90
Administrative and Public Hearing Procedures 92
Requests for Reasonable Accommodations Under the Fair Housing Acts 93
Noncomforting Uses 94
Amendments 96
Development Fees 98