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Sonoma County opens Chipper program early to reduce wildfire risk

SANTA ROSA, CA | March 12, 2024

Sonoma County’s free Residential Curbside Chipper Program is launching early this year in an effort to reduce residential wait times, expand service, and mitigate the risk of wildfires.

The Chipper Program, administered by the Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention Division, is designed to help residents create defensible space around their homes and reduce vegetation along important access routes. Once approved, properties in unincorporated Sonoma County are eligible to receive up to two hours of complimentary chipping and are eligible to receive a second visit as well. Visits are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

“By reducing vegetation and creating defensible space around structures, property owners play an active role in helping their communities stay safe,” said Supervisor David Rabbitt, chair of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. “Don’t wait to take advantage of this free county program.”

In addition to home hardening, having 100 feet or more of defensible space has been demonstrated to help save homes in the event of a wildfire. Likewise, thinning vegetation on access roads can provide safer and more efficient access for residents and firefighters.

In 2023, the program served more than 800 properties, including homes from Cloverdale to Sonoma and Kenwood to Jenner. Those interested in participating are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and begin preparing their homes by following program guidelines.

To learn more about this and other Fire Prevention programs, visit the Curbside Chipper Program webpage.

Chipper Program contact information:            
(707) 565-6070 

Media Contact:
Genevieve Bertone, Outreach Manager
(707) 565-1231