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Private Guest Accommodations

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A summary of the purpose and applicability of Private Marketing Accommodations and Agricultural Farmstays at wineries plus the locations where they are allowed is provided below. See the associated Municipal Code sections (links provided) for performance standards.

Private Marketing Accommodations

Private marketing accommodations are permitted for use by distributors, investors, partners and owners of the processing facility for short term occupancy related to the agricultural operation. Marketing accommodations must be compatible with and not adversely impact surrounding agricultural uses. Marketing accommodations can only be located on parcels where the use promotes or markets agricultural products processed on the site. No more than two (2) marketing accommodation units are allowed per winery operation or processing operation. Marketing accommodations cannot be rented for transient occupancy or used commercially as part of direct to consumer promotions.

Additional information on marketing accommodations:

Sonoma County Zoning Regulations in the Municipal Code, Section 26-88-086 - Marketing Accommodations

Agricultural Farmstays

Agricultural farmstays are permitted only on parcels that produce commercial agricultural products. The agricultural farmstay lodging and meals are incidental and secondary to the primary agricultural operation. The operator of the farmstay establishment must engage in a program of agricultural promotion and guest education regarding the agricultural activities on-site and in the area, and may include active participation in the on-site agricultural activities as part of the consideration for the lodging.

Additional information on agricultural farmstays:

Sonoma County Zoning Regulations in the Municipal Code, Section 26-88-085 - Agricultural Farmstays