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County & Local Fire Districts Prepare for Defensible Space Inspections

Inspections at 3,500+ properties will help reduce wildfire risk in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa,CA | April 24, 2019

Despite the recent heavy rains, a large portion of Sonoma County continues to face risks from wildfire. Poorly maintained vegetation is a natural, volatile fuel for fast-spreading wildfires. One of the best ways for property owners and residents to protect their homes is to create good defensible space to ensure a buffer between their property and any surrounding grass, trees, shrubs, or wildland area.

This spring, inspectors from Sonoma County and local Fire Districts will conduct Hazardous Vegetation and Combustible Materials inspections on approximately 3,500 properties that are identified as having high risk for wildfire. 

“The County of Sonoma and our fire prevention partners are working with property owners and residents to lower the risk and severity of wildfires,” said Sonoma County Fire Marshal James Williams. “Inspections are an effective way to educate people about vegetation management, and encourage them to keep their properties free of fire hazards.” 

Sonoma County Fire Code Chapter 13A allows for inspection and abatement of hazardous vegetation and combustible materials on unincorporated parcels of less than 5 acres. Properties that have been selected for inspections will receive a mailed notice in April, and the inspections are scheduled to begin in May. 

“Proactive vegetation management from single individuals and entire neighborhoods contribute to a safer community when wildfires happen,” said, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, David Rabbitt. “The Hazardous Vegetation Inspection and Abatement program works with residents to collectively lower wildfire risks.”

Residents can learn more about Sonoma County’s Vegetation Management Program at You can learn more about preparing for wildfire at and