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County Code for Permit Sonoma

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The portion of the County Code administered and/or enforced by Permit Sonoma, plus the Building Division's Technical Bulletins for Sonoma County.

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County Code for Permit Sonoma

The County Code is the series of ordinances (law) enacted by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

The list of chapters below is a featured index listing of the portion of the County Code administered and/or enforced by Permit Sonoma. It is intended as a quick access list and is not an exhaustive list.
For a full list: View All Chapters of County Code

Note: The County Code is hosted on a third party website.

Chapter Number
Chapter Title/Topic
Chapter 7 Building Regulations
Chapter 7A Regulations for Limited Density Owner-Built Dwellings
Chapter 7B Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 7C Wood-Burning Appliances and Fireplaces
Chapter 7D3 Water Efficient Landscape
Chapter 7D4 Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy System Review Process
Chapter 7D5 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permitting Process
Chapter 11 Construction Grading and Drainage
Chapter 11A Storm Water Quality
Chapter 13 Sonoma County Fire Safety Ordinance
Chapter 13A Duty to Maintain Defensible Space and Abate Hazardous Vegetation and Combustible Material
Chapter 15 Highways, Roads & Bridges (Permits only)
Chapter 16 Junk and Junk Dealers (Referral only)
Chapter 23 Rivers and Streams (Ordinance 3836R)
Chapter 23A California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) of 1970 Implementation
Chapter 24 Sewers and Sewage Disposal (Permits only)
Chapter 25 Subdivisions
Chapter 25A Underground Utilities (Plan Check and Inspections only)
Chapter 25B Water Well Construction Standards
Chapter 26 Sonoma County Zoning Regulations
Chapter 26A Surface Mining / Reclamation
Chapter 26C Coastal Zoning Resource Districts
Chapter 26D Heritage or Landmark Trees
Chapter 29 Hazardous Materials Management
Chapter 40 Sonoma Complex Fire Disaster Recovery
Chapter 40A Kincade Fire Disaster Recovery
More Information and Ordinance Summary
Chapter 40B COVID-19 Recovery
Chapter 40C LNU Lightning Complex Fires Recovery (Walbridge and Meyers Fires)
Chapter 40D Glass Incident Disaster Recovery

Building Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins are the Building Division’s interpretation of the County Code and state law and are available here to help you make sure your project conforms to state and local laws.

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