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Site Ownership History

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As early as 1877, the subject property was shown on early maps as part of larger parcel of land owned by J. McCracken and Ann E. McCracken in 1897. The 1877 and 1897 maps both indicate a similar property outline comprising over 159 acres, surrounded by various adjacent properties and bounded at the southeast corner by the Russian River. The early maps appear to show a roadway passing through the property just west of where the subject property exists today running north to south, then curving to the west. Although Westside Road otherwise known as Guerneville Road runs a similar route as west property line of the subject property.  

Between 1897 and 1944, the ownership history is unclear. A P. Litton owned the property adjacent to the one shown as belonging to Ann E. McCracken on the 1897 map and apparently acquired her land at some point after 1897 and before 1944, when he deeded it to C.S. Litton. After 1944, there are a limited number of owners listed in the list of ownership below.  

In 1950, Cecil Litton leased a 100-foot-square portion of the property to Neil and Bruno Venturacci with Charles Knox for storing their hop-picking machine. The lease agreement notes a separate contract under which the Venturaccis and Knox were to pick Litton's crop.

Ownership for Assessor's Parcel No. 100-240-031

Date Owner/Grantor Grantee
1877 J. McCracken  
1897 Ann E. McCracken  
1944 - July 3 A.P. Litton C.S. Litton
1983 - June7 Estate of Cecil Litton Luella D. Litton (wife)
1988 - July 29 Luella D. Litton Ronald Kaiser
2012 - December  28

Ronald Kaiser Pamela
C. Kaiser

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