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Work Plan for Additional Historic Resource Designations

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In 2007, the County contracted with the Anthropological Studies Center at Sonoma State University (ASC) to update the Inventory and prepare a work plan for the evaluation and possible designation of additional historic resources. The purpose of this effort was to increase historic resource preservation and protection in the County and update the 40+ year old Inventory using updated and uniform criteria for eligibility. ASC’s Work Plan consisted of the following three tasks:

  • Task I: Identification of historic resources for which there is adequate existing documentation for local historic designation.
  • Task II: Identification of historic resources that require additional documentation for local historic designation.
  • Task III: Creation of a work plan and Inventory database with a proposed system of ranking resources in order of importance, completion of records, and threatened status.

The Landmarks Commission has since contracted with qualified professional consultants to further evaluate resources in the Inventory that require additional documentation prior to initiating the formal Landmarks Commission/Board of Supervisor designation process. Much work remains to be done to complete the update of the Inventory to include all of PRMD’s survey and evaluation records, to add the California Historical Register Status Code(PDF) where missing, and to update the priority ranking system.