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Streamlining Building Permit Process

Published: May 20, 2019

Permit Sonoma is implementing the first in a series of process improvements focused on reducing building plan check lead times!

Effective Monday, May 27, 2019, Permit Sonoma will no longer require or offer building permit site reviews with the following exceptions:

  1. Site reviews and consultations related to Disabled Access for commercial building permit applications.
  2. Site reviews associated with building permits that resolve code enforcement violations.
  3. Site reviews associated with Agricultural Exemption applications.

Soils Investigations Waivers

One function of building permit site reviews conducted by Permit Sonoma was to evaluate if a soils investigation could be waived based on criteria established within technical bulletin B-28 (When is a Soils Investigation Required). Moving forward, a soils investigation waiver form will be available allowing your architect or engineer to make such determination by evaluating the same B-28 triggering criteria.

Existing Paid Fees

Permit Sonoma will continue to honor and conduct site reviews associated with building permits where a site review fee has already been paid.

Alignment with Permit Sonoma Policies & Documents

Any existing documents or policies that may conflict with this notice are temporarily superseded by this notice. Remaining portions of such documents remain in effect.

In the coming weeks, Permit Sonoma will update existing documents that have been superseded or affected by these changes. Staff and the public will be advised as each updated document is released.

If you have questions, please contact Rob Spaulding at: