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Building & Construction Permits

Most construction, from new construction to alternations and repairs, requires a building permit

Rebuilding Together

  • The official information and resource site for rebuilding efforts related to major wildfires within the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.


Are you remodeling your home or ready to build your dream home?

  • Putting in a pool?
  • Adding a solar system?
  • You’re going to need a building permit.

Back-up Generator

Checklist for obtaining a building permit for a back-up generator connected to your electrical panel unincorporated Sonoma County.

Solar Permits

There is a streamlined process for obtaining permits for residential solar rooftop systems.

Simple Projects

Replacing your roof, furnace or water heater? Some simpler projects such as minor repairs or alterations still require a building permit but it may be issued online or over the counter in our Permit Center when you submit your application.

No Building Permit Needed

Building a fence, replacing cabinets in your kitchen? Find out about the work you can do without a building permit.

Pre-Application Meetings

Some residential projects that are more complicated, like multi-unit buildings or developments with multiple structures, may benefit from pre-application meetings that provide you with the opportunity to me

Commercial / Industrial

Commercial projects are intended for businesses that serve customers whereas industrial projects are used for businesses that manufacture goods. These projects may range from new construction to a tenant improvement for within an existing building. Commercial and industrial projects have their own unique requirements in order to obtain a building permit.

Pre-Application Meetings

Permit Sonoma offers pre-application meetings that provide you with the opportunity to meet with staff from all divisions and agencies that may be involved before you start the permitting process.

Temporary Structures

Temporary installation of a prefabricated structure such as a construction office or classroom will require a permit for temporary structures.

Notice to Applicants for Commercial Building Permits

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public.

Agricultural Construction

Certain zoning districts allow buildings that are constructed to house farm machinery, animals, supplies, or products that are harvested from or used on a parcel of land.

Agricultural Exemption

Permit Sonoma may provide building permit exemption provisions for buildings designed and constructed for use in housing farm machinery.

All Building & Construction Projects

Demolition Permit

If all or part of your project requires you to tear down and remove a building or structure you’re going to need a demolition permit in addition to any other permit requirements that apply.

There are several things you’ll want to consider, and depending on the work you’d like to complete, you may need more than one type of permit. Visit our Permit Center where a Permit Technician can answer general questions for you and point you in the right direction.