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Permit Sonoma announces new submittal requirements for building permits

SANTA ROSA, CA | June 03, 2024

Permit Sonoma is implementing new submittal requirements for building permits that will go into effect on July 1. The new process will no longer allow deferral of trusses, photovoltaic systems, and fire sprinklers. These items must be submitted along with the customer's building permit application or prior to the issuance of the building permit.

Deferred submittals have historically caused issues with document tracking, approvals, and missed inspections. The absence of crucial information during initial plan check reviews, particularly in structural evaluations, has led to delays and complications. The recently passed AB 2234 mandates quicker turnaround times for permit processing, and this procedural change aims to free up staff time and streamline plan reviews. This effort also aligns with the department’s commitment to continual process improvement.

“By requiring these items at the time of application, we expect to improve our efficiency and the overall experience for applicants,” said Brad Cannon, Building Manager at Permit Sonoma. “This change will help us provide more accurate and timely reviews, ultimately saving applicants time and money in the long term.”

Permit Sonoma encourages all applicants to familiarize themselves with the new requirements to ensure a smooth transition. Detailed information about the updated submittal process can be found on the Permit Sonoma website.

For more information or assistance with the new submittal requirements, please contact Permit Sonoma at

Media Contact:
Genevieve Bertone, Outreach Manager, Permit Sonoma
(707) 565-1231