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Annual Provisions

Permit Sonoma Banner 750

Annual Transportation Permit Special Provisions Packet (PDF: 441 kB)

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If there are specific questions about other specific bridges or routes please email:

    Sonoma County Owned/Leased Equipment

    Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), holiday and night hauling is authorized under this Permit for Sonoma County owned or leased equipment. An additional Sonoma County “pilot” vehicle shall accompany the load being hauled. The load limits for Sonoma County owned or leased equipment is increased to a height of 15 feet, 4 inches (15' 4") and a width of 15 (15'), rather than the limits used on the face of this Permit.

    Weekend, Holiday, and Night Hauling

    Weekend (Saturday & Sunday), holiday (legal holidays), and night hauling is authorized for loads to a maximum width of 10 feet (10') on those roads where a “pilot” vehicle would not otherwise be required.

    Pilot Vehicle Requirements

    A “pilot” vehicle shall be required if either of the following conditions apply:

    1. If the road being traveled does not have a painted centerline stripe.
    2. If any part of the trailer(s) or equipment extends beyond the striped lane of pavement or traveled way.

    Requirements for Specific Roads

    Geysers Road

    No “over-legal weight” hauling will be allowed on Geysers Road after 10 inches of rain has fallen. “Over-legal weight” hauling shall resume only after Transportation and Public Works Road Maintenance Staff has evaluated the road and granted the authorization to resume hauling activity.

    River Road

    When crossing Hacienda Bridge (C-037), 10.11 miles westerly of Highway 101, or 5.3 miles easterly of Highway 116, the following rules shall be adhered to:

    1. Stop traffic in both directions from crossing bridge.
    2. Permit Vehicle only on bridge.
    3. Cross bridge at a maximum of 15 MPH. *

    No Purple Loads over 5 axle; No Green Loads over 9 axle; on River Road; West of Slusser Roda (.25 mile) and east of Trenton Healdsburg Road (.7 mile) Bridge (20C-0157) is rated PGGOO.

    Alexander Valley Road

    When crossing the bridge over the Russion River South of Jimtown the following procedure shall be followed:

    1. Stop traffic in both directions from crossing the bridge.
    2. Straddle the centerline of bridge evenly with vehicle and load.
    3. Cross bridge at a maximum of 5 M.P.H.

    Moscow Road

    When crossing the viaduct at 1.43 miles west of Main Street (1.87 miles east of Highway 116), the following conditions will apply:

    • Cross structure in the Eastbound lane.

    Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road

    Viaducts at 3.79 & 3.83 Miles West of Annapolis Road

    When crossing viaducts at 3.79 & 3.83 miles west of Annapolis Road (2.77 & 2.81 miles east of Highway 1) the following conditions will apply:

    1. Cross structures in the eastbound lane.
    2. Stay a minimum of eight (8) feet from face of wheel stop.

    Viaduct East of the Shingle Mill at Post Mile 19.90

    East of the Shingle Mill when crossing the viaduct at Post Mile 19.90 (that is 26.86 miles west of Dry Creek Rd or 3.28 miles east of Annapolis Rd) the following condition applies:

    • Cross structure while staying close to the bank on the South side of the road.

    Mark West Springs Road

    Care must be taken when travelling under the trellis for the Mark West Lodge located at Mark West Springs Road post mile (PM) 15.40 (Old Redwood Highway is at PM 10.45).

    1. The vines may not be cut or otherwise trimmed.
    2. The path of travel shall be carefully chosen, and the speed while traversing the trellis shall be minimized (5 mph max) to prevent/reduce any interaction with the vines.
    3. If the vines overhang into the path of the load they shall be lifted out of the way.