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Transportation Permits

Heavy load transporter

A transportation permit is required to operate or move vehicle(s) or special mobile equipment on County roads of a size or weight of vehicle or load exceeding the maximum limitations specified in the California Vehicle Code.

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 35780

Contact Information:

Application Process

A Transportation Permit Application can be only submitted via email.*

Once the Transportation Permit Application is approved and paid, Permit Sonoma staff will email the permit to the applicants.

  1. Account Registration

    Ensure you are registered for a Permits Online account.

    Before you can apply for your permit:

    1. Register for a Permits Online account if you do not have one already.
    2. Make note of the email address you use to log into your Permits Online account, and provide it to Permit Sonoma staff in Step 2 below.

    A Permits Online account is needed so you can check the status of your permits, pay permit fees, schedule inspections, etc.

  2. Submission

    1. Please review the special provisions and related materials when filling out your application.
      ENC-003 Transportation Permit Application (PDF: 137 kB)
    2. Applications are required to be submitted as one merged PDF file. View instructions
    3. Send application via email to:
    4. Provide the email address you use to log into your Permits Online Account. (See Step 1 above.)
  3. Staff Review

    After receiving your application, Permit Sonoma staff will review your application for the following:

    • Confirm application completeness.
    • Evaluate application to determine load weight class & dimensions.
    • Review route to determine whether any rerouting is necessary. Rerouting may be required if there are any conflicts with structures, events, or anticipated traffic.  
    • Evaluate route to determine if pilots and/or a CHP escort are required.
  4. Payment

    You must wait until the permit has been issued and you have received a record number (beginning with "TRN"). You will need your record number to make your payment.

    Once you receive the application invoice, please visit Permits Online and:

    1. Select ‘Pay Fees’ on the home page.
    2. Enter the Record Number and select ‘Search’.
    3. Select the ‘Payments’ Tab at the top and then ‘Pay Fee’ on the right side of the invoice line.
    4. Follow the instructions from there.

    Please email to notify us that you have paid. Be sure to include the Record Number in the email.

*Transportation permits are available via email as part of Permit Sonoma's Virtual Office during COVID-19. More About Virtual Office