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Roiling Permits

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Sonoma County requires a roiling permit for work or operations in a river, stream, or channel which may decrease the clarity of jurisdictional waterways. Work on these projects cannot start until after the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has approved the application for a Roiling Permit.

DRN-003 Roiling Permit Application (PDF)

This requirement is to help ensure water quality and environmental protection. Examples of situations that that you’d need a roiling permit include:

  • To protect riparian property adjacent to a river or stream.
  • To construct recreational dams.
  • To perform construction work on riparian property, the nature of which may decrease the clarity of the waters of the river or stream.
  • To construct temporary bridges, dikes, dams and settling ponds in connection with mining operations, or for agricultural uses.

Depending on your project, your roiling permit application may require permits, waivers, or certifications from California Fish and Wildlife, Army Corps of Engineers, and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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