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Flood Control

How to Report Flooding Problems

The County of Sonoma provides services for public drainage systems throughout the unincorporated county, except for Sonoma County Water Agency facilities.

Please call 911 to report emergency flooding threatening life or property.

To report non-emergency flooding problems, see Spill Reporting.

Flood Prevention at Home

To prevent flooding in and around your house you can:

  • Inspect and clean private drainage systems or encourage property managers to do so.
  • Pick up materials that may wash into storm drain inlets or gutters. Grass, leaves and other yard wastes clog the drainage system and pollute downstream waterways. Remember, all storm drains flow directly into local creeks.

To prepare for flooding you can:

  • Keep emergency supplies on hand (food, water, flashlights, portable radio, batteries, first aid kit, etc.).
  • Keep your car fueled.
  • Know safe routes from your home to high, safe ground. Keep sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber and other emergency building materials handy for waterproofing.

If there has been flooding in or around your neighborhood:

  • Do not try to drive over a flooded road.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips.
  • Do not “sight see” in flooded areas.
  • Tune to your local radio and TV station for emergency information.
  • Do not try to cross a flowing stream where water is above your knees. Even water as low as 6 inches deep may cause you to be swept away by strong currents.
  • If you are driving and your car stalls, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Many deaths have resulted from attempts to move stalled vehicles.

Drainage Design Criteria

Public storm drain system improvements are designed in accordance with the Sonoma County Water Agency Flood Control Design Criteria Manual.

Flood Information Resources: