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B-39 2020-Current: Sonoma County Facility Safety Inspections

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The purpose of this technical bulletin is to clarify how sites and facilities owned by Sonoma County should be permitted and inspected when a facility safety inspection is requested.

Background: Sonoma County sites and facilities may require annual safety walk through inspections in order to maintain their certifications.

Version: 04/01/2020
Effective date: 03/14/2014


This permitting process differs from all other required permits in that the inspection focuses on site safety issues rather than new construction; additionally, the correction notices are issued as a list of noted deficiencies, which is mailed to General Services for their records.

PRMD does not mandate when or how the deficiencies must be corrected; the list is simply retained on file and reviewed at the inspection the following year. It is important to note that all other construction work that takes place within county facilities should be permitted and inspected in the same manner and with the same requirements as other, non-county owned, facilities

Technical Details

  1. A building permit will be required for each annual or bi-annual inspection.
  2. Sonoma County Facility Safety Inspections shall be charged the Permit Renewal Fee, 2 hour, life/safety inspection fee (Fee Item 0015) at issuance of the permit.
  3. If no corrections are noted, the permit shall be finaled at the completion of the inspection.
  4. If corrections are noted, the correction notice shall be retained and reinspected at the next requested inspection. Both the current and previous year permit shall be finaled when the corrections are completed.