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B-10 2020-Current: Concrete Stoop Adjacent to Wood Framing

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To insure proper protection from dry rot and termite damage to raised wood floor systems, the concrete stoop must be isolated from the wood construction.

Version: 04/01/2020
Revised: 12/31/2007
Effective date: 12/14/2002

Technical Details

Concrete stoops may be placed against pressure-preservative treated wood only. The wood should be protected with a 26g.G.I. flashing that extends 4 inches past the ends and 6 inches below the wood. Preservative applied by brush or spray is not approved as an alternate to pressure treatment.

When the concrete stoop is placed adjacent to a concrete stem wall, a minimum 2 inches clear from the bottom of the mud sill is required. If installing a weep screed for an exterior plaster finish, a minimum 2 inches clear below the screed is required.

In all cases the stoop must drain away from the building with a minimum 2% slope (1/4 inch per foot).

This detail must be included on the approved plans. Alternate designs providing equivalent protection are acceptable.

B10 Concrete Stoop Adjacent to Wood Framing Diagram 480


2019 California Building Code, Chapter 23