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B-06 2020-Current: Chain Link Fence Permit Requirements

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Chain link and wire deer fences are classified as U occupancies. Because a chain link fence is not an occupied structure and is lightweight and has low wind resistance, the hazards associated with such construction is very low. Consequently, in many cases standard details provided by a fencing company can be approved without additional engineering.

Version: 04/01/2020
Effective: 01/2008

Technical Details

Chain link and wire fences between 10 and 12 feet in height, which are submitted on the chain link company’s drawings, do not require engineering and may be issued at the Building Cubicle, provided:

  1. No screening (slats, cloth material, etc.) is placed on the chain link surface, and drawings are so noted.
  2. Drawings must show foundation information, structural steel post information and spacing of pipe supports for chain link material.
  3. Building cube staff is to briefly review plans for reasonableness and completeness.

Note that Planning approval is always required for these fences prior to issuance.


2019 California Building Code Chapter 16