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B-03 2020-Current: Barn Hay Loft Door

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Hay lofts in a barn are similar in character to a loading dock in a warehouse. The Code does not require guardrails on the loading side of a loading dock.

Version: 04/01/2020
Revised: 12/31/2001
Effective date: 09/01/2001

Technical Details

Exterior access doors to a hay loft or similarly used space in a barn need not be protected with a guardrail providing:

  1. A door is provided and will normally be secured in a closed position. The door securing device should be other than normal exit door hardware.
  2. This loading door must not be a required exit from the loft area. One or more complying exits from the storage area is required.
  3. It is additionally recommended that as an added safety feature the loft door swing into the loft area.


2019 California Building Code Chapter 1015

2019 California Residential Code R312