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Vegetation Management Complaints & Abatement


Subsequent to receiving a complaint about hazardous vegetation or weeds:

  •  If the complaint is in an area that is under contract to the County of Sonoma Fire Prevention Division, our inspectors will perform an inspection for compliance to Sonoma County Code Chapter 13A or State of California requirements.

  •  If the complaint is in an area that is not under contract to the County of Sonoma, we forward the complaint to the fire agency having jurisdiction or to CAL FIRE to perform the inspection.

If a parcel is inspected and is found to be in violation of County or State ordinances, the fire inspector will leave a Notice and Order to Comply at the property and will notify the property owner by US Mail. The order to comply will be followed up within 45 days.

If a parcel owner fails to comply, the property can be abated. The property owner will be responsible for abatement costs, fees, and any other costs associated with abatement.

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