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Resources, Education, and Preparedness

Resources Education and Preparedness

Wildfire has become a part of life in Sonoma County. There are important steps you can take to reduce the risks to your home, family, and community. Permit Sonoma works with organizations throughout the county to help individuals prepare for wildfire.


Fire Safe Sonoma

Fire Safe Sonoma is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to increase awareness of wildfire issues in our county. Fire Safe Sonoma acts as a liaison between local communities and agencies, actively seeks grant funding for wildfire-related projects, and manages grant programs.
 CAL FIRE logo  Wildfire is coming... Are you ready?
CAL FIRE’s provides critical information about wildfire preparedness, home hardening, defensible space, and how to prepare for evacuation.

Advice and Resources

University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE)

The University of California Cooperative Extension addresses resiliency or agriculture and natural resources through climate smart strategies. The extension works with landowners to better understand forest management, map and reduce fuels, and sequester carbon.

Local Conservation Groups and Resource Conservation Districts

Both the Sonoma Resource Conservation District and Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District provide assistance to local property owners within their jurisdictions.

The Sonoma County Forest Working Group works to perpetuate sustainable, healthy, and diverse forests, woodlands, and watersheds across the Sonoma County landscape, and to be a catalyst, source of information, and point of contact for forestland owners.

Local Fire Departments and Districts

Your local fire district is a great resource for fire prevention and response in your area. View a list of local fire districts at

HALTER Project

HALTER is a grassroots program, which helps individuals, agencies, and organizations to support efforts of communities and agencies to train and prepare for a ready response to, and the care of, animals in everyday emergencies and large-scale disasters.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) Hub Site

The CWPP Hub Site is a great resource to learn about wildfire risk in Sonoma County. You can see a detailed Wildfire Risk Index (WRI) map, wildfire history maps, and topographic maps that can help you understand risk. In addition, there is a host of other resources that will help you reduce risk and prepare for wildfire, review wildfire risk reduction projects that have been proposed throughout the county, and more.