Documents Needed for a Building Permit

Rebuilding Together 750

The required submittal documents listed below may vary based on location of project and scope of work. Prior to submitting projects for plan check, applicants are advised to visit the Resiliency Permit Center and talk to a representative to determine what additional documentation, if any, may be required for rebuilding.

Resiliency Permit Center
448 Fiscal Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA

Required Documents

Fully Dimensioned Plans - Electronic format

  1. Title Sheet  
  2. Grading & Drainage Plan
  3. Site Plan   
    1. Fire Department Site Plan  
  4. Architectural Plans  
    1. Residential New Construction 2016 CALGreen Checklist
  5. Elevations  
  6. Foundation Plans
  7. Structural Plans 
  8. Framing Plans  
  9. Roof Plans 
  10. Calculations
  11. Geotechnical Report (soils report)
  12. Mechanical Details
  13. Electrical Details
  14. Plumbing Details
  15. Modified Findings Report (required if on septic system).

For more detail please view: Plan and Document Detailed Requirements