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Kincade Fire Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment (RESA)

Rebuilding Together 750

RESA and Property Clean-Up Status Map

This map shows the following for areas of unincorporated Sonoma County affected by the 2019 Kincade Fire:

  • Final results of both field and aerial safety assessments (RESA)
  • Property clean-up status for parcels (Step 2 of the Rebuilding Process)

Please let us know if at least one of the following applies to your property:

  • You believe a structure was incorrectly labeled and needs to be evaluated
  • A structure(s) is damaged, but the parcel is labeled as "Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted" or is not represented with a color/shape on the map.

Let Us Know

Two options to contact us:

Map Color Codes Explained

The three colored tags on the map (green circle, red diamond, and yellow square) match placards posted on inspected structures. Each type of placard is used by inspectors under the following circumstances:

green circle Green (Inspected)* - Buildings can be damaged, yet remain safe – the safety of the building was not significantly changed by the disaster.

red diamond Red (Unsafe) - Buildings are damaged and pose an imminent threat to life or safety under expected loads or other unsafe conditions.

yellow square Yellow (Restricted Use)* - There is some risk from damage in all or part of the building, but the full extent of damage may be uncertain or cannot be ascertained within the time and resources available to a Rapid Evaluation team. Buildings with yellow tags have limited use, with case-by-case restrictions. For example, certain portions of a home may not be habitable until a permit has been issued and repairs are made.

*Important Note: Although a building may be placarded “Inspected” or “Restricted Use”, specific areas in and around the building could be further identified as unsafe.