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Digital Plan Room

New Digital Plan Room Technology Improves the Customer Experience

Digital Plan Room (DPR) is Sonoma County’s new online process which allows for the electronic plan and document review for various permit applications.

When applying for a permit through Permit Sonoma online, our applicants will be asked to upload plans and documents to the DPR portal.  Our staff is able to review those plans and documents online and will include mark-ups and comments, if required, directly in the portal. 

To improve the customer experience, applicants will receive real-time emails that note mark-ups and comments as the permit is being processed. If responding to comments or resubmitting documents is needed, an applicant will use the DPR portal. DPR eliminates confusion by streamlining the communication between the applicant and Permit Sonoma.  The applicant will receive an electronically reviewed and stamped set of documents at issuance to be printed and kept on the job site.

Pemit Types Currently in the DPR

  • Building: Agricultural Exemption (AEX)
  • Building: Deferred Submittal – Fire (BLD)
  • Building: Stock Plan (STK)
  • Engineering: Grading (GRD)
  • Fire: Construction Permit (FIR)
  • Fire: Hazardous Materials (HAZ)

Permits Types Being Added Next to DPR

  • Building: Permit with Plan Check (BLD)
  • Building: Deferred Submittal – Plan Check (BLD)
  • Building: Revision (BLD)

DPR Help

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