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Permit Sonoma

Instructions & Forms

WLS-047 Operational Permit (OPR) Application Required Contents

Version 12/28/2021


To provide submittal requirements for Operational Permit (OPR) applications and OPR site plans.

OPR Applications

The following identifies the submittal requirements for an Operational Permit (OPR) application:

For more information regarding OPR applications, please contact:

OPR Site Plan Requirements

Operational Permit (OPR) site plans shall be used by county staff to access, monitor, and inspect various components of septic systems that require monitoring under an OPR pursuant to Sonoma County Code Section 24-33.  Plans shall include and clearly identify the following applicable items:

Cover Sheet

  • Septic system type (s) and locations
  • Site address(es) and Assessor’s Parcel Number(s)
  • Vicinity map (how to get to property) and location map (how to get to septic system and appurtenances)
  • Property owner name and contact information

Septic System Information

  • Locations of primary dispersal areas and reserve replacement areas with distribution lines and areas dimensioned
  • Locations of septic tanks, sump tanks, pretreatment units, distribution boxes, valve boxes, interceptor drains, flow meters, alarm panels, and remote alarms
  • Locations and depths of monitoring wells. Each monitoring well shall be uniquely identified numerically (starting at 1 and ascending sequentially) and by GPS coordinates

General items

  • File type as a PDF with page size(s) no greater than 24 inches x 36 inches
  • Page number in lower right corner (e.g., page 1 of 2)
  • Drawn to an engineering scale, minimum 1 inch = 20 feet
  • North arrow and scale (written & graphic)
  • Legend and list of abbreviations
  • Houses, buildings, structures, decks, retaining walls, swimming pools, fences, and gates within 200 feet of septic system components
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access paths such as roads, driveways, and walkways within 200 feet of septic system components
  • Property lines, easements, and right-of-ways within 200 feet of septic system components
  • (Optional) Suggested access paths for county staff to perform inspections