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CNI-002 Site Evaluation Procedures for Building and Grading Permits

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Version: 01/30/2020

This page provides information about the required application materials and procedures for building and grading permit site evaluations.

Site Evaluation

A site evaluation is conducted by a Permit Sonoma building inspector to determine site conditions that could affect proposed new buildings, additions to buildings and/or grading. Site conditions that may require further review and/or affect the design of the proposed construction include, but are not limited to, flood zones, steep slopes, slides, soft or expansive soils, overhead power lines, wind exposure, seismic zones and areas of poor drainage, etc. After the site evaluation is completed, the building inspector will determine whether additional reports or studies are required.

Applications for site evaluations may be submitted prior to finalizing the design of the proposed building or grading plan. A complete Site Plan is required for all site evaluation applications (refer to sample Site Plan shown below). The site address must be posted or displayed at the road, visible from both directions,at any forks in the road and at the site. Failure to properly post the address will delay the site evaluation and subject the applicant to re-inspection fees.

Building and Grading Procedures CNI-002

Required Application Materials

  1. Completed permit application – Specify building or grading site evaluation.
  2. Site Plan – Include directional map, and gate codes as necessary.
  3. Applicable fees – See current Permit Sonoma fee schedule.


The following procedures must be followed or the site evaluation will be delayed and a re-inspection fee will be charged.

  1. Post the address(es) as follows:
    1. The street numbers must be at least four inches tall, with a reflective surface.
    2. The address must be visible from both directions along the road.
    3. The address must be posted at all forks in any access road and at the site.
  2. Put stakes in the ground at all corners of the proposed building.

A Permit Sonoma building inspector will conduct the site evaluation within fifteen (15) working days. The applicant will be notified in writing with the results of the inspection and whether additional reports or studies are required. A complete site evaluation is valid for one (1) year as long as the location of the proposed building(s) or grading does not change. For further information, please call the Permit Sonoma main phone line at (707) 565-1900.