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Chipper Program Application

Review and Meet Program Guidelines Before Applying

How to Submit via the Chipper Application Portal

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  • Follow the Chipper Program Guidelines.
  • Online application submittal only, no paper applications accepted. Ask a family member, friend, or neighbor, for assistance with the online application if needed.
  • Submit digital photos along with your application. One or two photos of the woodpile(s), and one photo displaying the pile’s distance from the access route. Submitting digital photos of your pile and pile placement with the application may speed up the application process.
  • Chipper Program Dashboard - Application status will be made available 24 hours after submission.
  • All applicants have the opportunity to receive a second visit later in the season. You must select “Yes” to that question in your application submission. If you do not indicate that you want a second visit later in the season then you are forgoing that opportunity.
  • By submitting a Chipper Program Application for free chipping services, you are acknowledging that the woodpile(s) are accessible at all times during the Chipper Program season.

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Chipper Application FAQs