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Well & Septic Frequently Asked Questions

Well & Septic Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still do a dry weather test on my well?

I want to contact the Environmental Health Specialist that covers my area of the County. How do I determine the correct staff member?

I lost my self-monitoring form, how can I obtain a new one?

Are there any existing well or septic records about my property?

What type of permits require clearance from Permit Sonoma's Well and Septic Section?

How do I get my water tested?

What is needed for a Well and Septic Clearance?

What is a Pre-Perc?

What is a Perc Test?

What is a Wet Weather Perc Test?

What is Vesting?

Can a Vesting Certificate be renewed?

What do I need to do to add a Accessory Dwelling Unit on my property?

How do I get a Findings Report?