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Well & Septic Fees

Fee determinations are based on a number of variables.

Different types of sewage disposal systems have specific fees associated with them. A non-standard septic system has a much higher fee than a simple septic system repair.

Variables which may apply:

  • Is a site evaluation required?
  • Is a percolation test required?
  • Is a groundwater determination required?
  • Is a plan check involved?
  • Are water well pump tests necessary?
  • Will drainage review be required?

You may request other services such as a vesting certificate. Additional fees are associated with these other services.

  • Due to the complexity of these determinations, it is unwise to make assumptions until the full scope of a project is determined by Permit Sonoma staff at the time an application is accepted.
  • Please do not fill in amounts on checks prior to application acceptance.

By viewing these fee schedules, I affirm that I have read and understand the above cautionary statements.

Well & Septic Fee Schedule (PDF)