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Tent Permitting and Inspections


All temporary tents and membrane structures greater than 400 square feet require a fire permit and inspection. Tents when approved by the Fire Code Official may be exempt.

California Fire Code Chapter 31
State requirments for tents and other membrane structures.

Temporary Tent Permit Application Forms

All forms below are required:

If you are having trouble viewing these forms or need assistance please contact the Fire Prevention main office at (707) 565-2361.

Application Requirements

Site Plan

The site plan shall be detailed to include the following information:

  • Overall site plan to show the property and roads
  • A detailed site plan
  • Location of the required fire access roads
  • Location of tent structures
  • Location of parking
  • Location of cooking or catering area
  • Seating arrangement 
  • Location and number of exits from tent structure
  • Fuel fired equipment or internal combustion engines
  • Location of other structures
  • Total occupant load based on use
  • Size of tent structure
  • Number of wall or openings

Special Details

  • Anchorage type and fastening system to ground
  • Distance from buildings
  • Building exits near temporary tent location

Applicant Information

The applicant or owner shall provide a minimum:

  • Name
  • Billing or mailing address
  • Address of tent structure location
  • Contact number
  • Dates the tent structure will be erected

Occupant Load and Exiting

Code Reference Table 3103.12.2

Every temporary tent structure based on the occupant load shall have a minimum number of exits based on the table listed:

Occupant Load Minimum Number of
Means of Egress
Minimum Width of Each
Means of Egress Tent (inches)
10 to 199 2 72"
200 to 499 3 72"
500 to 999 4 96"
1,000 to 1,999 5 120"
2,000 to 2,999 6 120"
Over 3,000 7 120"

Access, Location and Parking


All access shall be in accordance with amended section of Section 503 of the fire code.

Location and Parking

Tents shall not be located less than 20 feet from property lines, parking areas, buildings and internal combustion engines. Support ropes and guide wires shall be considered part of the tent. See fire code for exemptions.

Signage and Emergency Illumination

All tents shall be equipped with no-smoking signs and exit signs.

Illuminated exit signs and egress illumination shall be provided when the temporary tent will be used at night or the tent is required to be illuminated based on occupant load greater than 50 persons.