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Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

A review and approval for the public display of fireworks and special effects is conducted with the primary objective of increasing safety for the public, pyrotechnic crew, and fire personnel. All displays shall follow minimum standards and regulations adopted by the State Fire Marshals Office based on a review of past experience, industry input, destructive and non-destructive testing, NFPA 1123, Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Title19, and nationally recognized good practices. An increase in safety will be required by taking a systematic and comprehensive approach towards areas of public-display fireworks operations on a case-by-case application.

Permits are required regardless of size and location of event. All displays shall be subject to review and conditions set by the Fire Prevention Division.

Pyrotechnic Display Types

Pyrotechnic Display Permit Application

Special Effects Permit Application

Please allow a minimum of 30 days for review and to respond to applications. Applications submitted less then 30 days before scheduled event may be charged an additional hourly fee to accommodate request.

The Sonoma County Fire Prevention Division reserves the right to deny applications for failure to allow early notification of events.

If you are having trouble viewing this form or need assistance please contact the main office at (707) 565-2361.

Required Information for Applications

All applications must be submitted with the following information or the application will not be accepted for review:

  • Permit application form.
  • Notification of number of shells and size.
  • Insurance information also naming the County of Sonoma.
  • Detailed map with fall out zone based on largest size shell.
  • Location of public viewing area.
  • Location of launch site.
  • Site emergency plan.
  • Name, cell phone number and current Technicians License Number issued by Office of the State Fire Marshal.

All aerial maps and site maps shall be accurate and have a scale for reference.

 The following are examples why a permit may be denied approval:

  • Lack of details from site map.
  • Location of event.
  • Weather.
  • Approval from local fire jurisdiction.
  • Failure to provide needed insurance.
  • Expired license.
  • Failure to provide current safety plan or have minimum personal protective equipment on site.