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Notices Related to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

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Notice of Exemption

Gold Ridge Fire Modifications, File No. PLP23-0022 (PDF: 93 kB)

Notice of Exemption Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport Overflow Parking Lot (PDF: 53 kB)

Runway 14-32 Storm Drain Pipe Replacement and Pavement Repair NOE (PDF: 58 kB)

Inman Family Wines; File No. UPE23-0040 (PDF: 186 kB)

Notice of Statutory Exemption for PLP23-0014 Russian River Floodplain Restoration Project (PDF: 872 kB) 

Notice of Categorical Exemption for PH Lab Morgue Project (PDF: 265 kB)

Notice of Exemption for 12700 Pine Flat Road; File No. UPE24-0007 (PDF: 250 kB)

New SFD and Accessory Structures; ADR23-0057 (PDF: 200 kB)

ADR24-0013 (PDF: 244kB)

Coastal Permit with Hearing; File No. CPH23-0010 (PDF: 1.5MB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for ORD23-0004 Modernizing Tree and Woodland Protections (PDF: 182 kB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for Certificate of Modification; CMO24-0002 (PDF: 215 kB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for Minor Subdivision; MNS22-0003 (PDF: 182 kB)

Use Permit for 6 ft fence and gate constructed in street centerline setback; File No. UPE23-0043 (PDF: 2.52 MB)

Telecommunication Facility; UPE23-0028 for Levan King Cranston (PDF: 198 kB)

Bridge Preventative Maintenance Project- Federal Project Number 5920 (163) Notice of Categorical Exemption for Deborah Waller (PDF: 242 kB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for Joshua Miranda MNS23-0012 (PDF: 139 kB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for Ordinance 6460 (PDF: 265 kB)

Notices of Intent to Adopt Negative Declaration

There are no Notices of Intent to Adopt Negative Declarations at this time. 

Notices of Intent to Adopt Mitigated Negative Declarations

Notice of Intent to a Adopt an MND for Lakeville Quarry Reclamation Plan File No. UPE10-0055  (PDF: 765 kB)

Notice of Intent to a Adopt an MND for Arold Drive Bike Lane Project; Arnold Drive Bike Lane Project ISMND (PDF: 7.68 MB); Arnold Drive Bike Lane Notice of Intent (PDF: 121 kB)

Asti Permanent Bridge Project; Asti Permanent Bridge Crossing Initial Study (PDF: 8.77 MB); Notice of Intent (PDF: 2.66 MB)

Bloomfield Flowers LLC (Cannabis Cultivation); File No. UPC19-0012 IS/MND (PDF: 6.38 MB); UPC19-0012 IS/MND Notice (PDF: 173.98 kB)

Airport Boulevard Major Subdivision and Planned Development; File No. PLP23-0026 IS/MND (PDF: 5.90 MB); PLP23-0026 IS/MND Notice (PDF: 2.57 MB)

Marietta Farms Winery and Tasting Room; File No. PLP22-0023 IS/MND (PDF: 1.73 MB); PLP22-0023 IS/MND Notice (PDF: 2.75 MB)

PLP22-0004 IS/MND (PDF: 19.4 MB); PLP22-0004 IS MND Notice (PDF: 2.98 MB)

Adobe Road and Main Street Intersection Improvements Project: C20005 IS/MND (PDF: 19.4 MB), C20005 IS/MND Public Notice (PDF: 106 kB)

Azari Tasting Room; File No. UPE19-0072 (PDF: 65.55 MB)

MNS21-0001 IS/MND (PDF: 398 kB), MNS21-0001 IS/MND Public Notice (PDF: 748 kB)

ADR22-0058 IS/MND (PDF: 463 kB), ADR22-0058 IS/MND Public Notice (PDF: 107 kB)

Notices of Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Reports

PLP22-0027 Canyon Rock NOP (PDF: 730 kB)