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Notices Related to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

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Notice of Exemption

Wind Creek Vegetation Management (PDF: 166 kB)

Sonoma Napa Ridgeline NOE (PDF: 176 kB)

Muniz Ranches Vegetation Management (PDF: 138 kB)

Minor subdivision of one parcel into four parcels; MNS22-0006 (PDF: 192 kB)

Calistoga Road Vegetation Management NOE (PDF: 67 kB)

Live/Work Salon, File No. UPE23-0011 (PDF: 1.56 MB)

Use Permit – Fence; File No. UPE23-0017 (PDF: 173 kB)

CPN23-0005; Addition to Existing Single-Family Residence (PDF: 1.69 MB)

Design Review of a new SFD; File No. ADR22-0053 (PDF: 4.3 MB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for 2023 Culvert Replacement Program (PDF: 212 kB)

Jewett Road; File No. UPE22-0041 (PDF: 96 kB)

Design Review of a replacement garage and storage; File No. ADR23-0020 (PDF: 89 kB)

10201 Green Valley Rd; File No. UPC17-0016 (PDF: 120 kB)

Notice of Categorical Exemption for Fowler Creek Bridge Repair (PDF: 184 kB)

Wildwood Conservation Foundation Retreat Center; File No. PLP20-0009 (PDF: 247 kB)

Use Permit for Mobile Food Truck; UPE23-0005 (PDF: 190 kB)

Residential Rezone and Certificate of Modification; PLP22-0009 (PDF: 210 kB)

Design Review of a New SFD and Accessory Structures; File No. ADR22-0085 (PDF: 182 kB)

Cub City LLC; UPC17-0049 (PDF: 207 kB)

Cannabis Conditional Use Permit; UPC22-0001 (PDF: 192 kB)

Notices of Intent to Adopt Negative Declaration

There are no Notices of Intent to Adopt Negative Declarations at this time. 

Notices of Intent to Adopt Mitigated Negative Declarations

ADR22-0058 IS/MND (PDF: 463 kB), ADR22-0058 IS/MND Public Notice (PDF: 107 kB)

PLP20-0007 IS/MND (PDF: 2 MB), PLP20-0007 IS/MND Public Notice (PDF: 145 kB)