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Violations – Property Owners

If a violation is identified, the property owner will be contacted and required to remove the violation and/or obtain permits (with penalties) for the violation.

Depending on the nature of the violation, property owners usually have 30 days from Code Enforcement notification to correct the violation.

Property owners may appeal a determination of violation within the time specified in the violation notice.

Correct a Violation

Legalize a Structure or Demolition

View requirements for legalizing a structure or demolishing all or part of a structure in order to clear Code Enforcement violation(s).

ADU Rescue Program

Have an unpermitted Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) and need an enforcement violation extension? Learn more on how you may qualify for an extension and apply for our  ADU Rescue program.

Vacation Rental Violation

Information for property owners who have received a violation notice for Operating a Vacation Rental without the required zoning permit or Operating a Hosted Rental without a required zoning permit.

Violation Appeal Rights

If you received a determination from the Code Enforcement Division that a violation of code exists on your property, you may appeal the determination. Your appeal rights are included in each notice sent and specifies how long you have to submit an appeal. Appeals of some determinations require a fee. We suggest the owner respond in writing immediately to avoid the loss of appeal rights.

Sonoma County Code Chapter 1 Section 1-7.3 (b)