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Standards for Mobile Home Parks

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Mobile home parks provide a valuable form of affordable housing in Sonoma County. 

Permit Requirements

The establishment of a new mobile home park or expansion of an existing mobile home park requires a use permit and design review and approval. Additionally, the California Department of Housing and Community Development must issue permits for all homes to be located within a mobile home park.

Cessation of a mobile home park use also requires a use permit. Cessation includes closure as well as conversion of a park from a rental park (where residents own the mobile home but rent space from the park owner) to an ownership park (where residents own the mobile home and a share of the park). 

Development Standards

Mobile home parks are required to meet the following standards set forth in Sec. 26-88-100 - Mobile home park standards:

  • Located within an Urban Service Area (with water and sewer) and zoned R1, R2, or R3
  • The minimum lot size for the establishment of a new mobile home park is three acres in the R1 or PC district, and two acres in the R2 and R3 districts. Expansion of existing parks would be exempt from this requirement.
  • Mobile home parks are subject to a density of 135 percent of the density permitted on the zoning map
  • Mobile home parks are subject to the parking standards in Article 86, Parking Regulations, and at least one guest parking space is required for every three mobile homes. Guest parking must be located in guest parking bays throughout the mobile home park. 

Closure or conversion of a park must meet the standards set forth in Sec. 26-92-090 - Mobile home park conversion, closure or cessation of use:

  • The conversion must be found to be consistent with the County's General Plan.
  • Adequate rental space must be available for displaced tenants or there must be appropriate land zoned for development that will provide replacement space.
  • The applicant must submit a relocation plan and an adequate impact report pursuant to State law.

These provisions for closure or conversion do not apply to resident-initiated conversion to resident ownership.