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Update Property Manager or 24-hour Contact

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Before you fill out this form, check to verify your permit contact information is current:

  1. Go to the Permit History Lookup and search for the property address.
  2. Look for permits that start with the Letters “ZPE” or “TVR” and contain the description “Vacation Rental”
  3. The property manager’s phone number should be listed in the description.
  4. If the property manager or 24-hour contact phone number is:
    1. Accurate, there is no need to update the property manager information.
    2. NOT accurate, answer the questions below.

Note: Your property manager or 24-hour contact must be located within 30 miles of the vacation rental property and must pass the Property Manager Certification Test.

Permit Sonoma charges a Vacation Rental Noticing Fee (Fee ID: 1162) to process your information update. (View Fee Schedule for fee amount.) Please allow one week for processing; an invoice with payment instructions will be sent to the Owner Email Address provided below.

Once the payment is received, the County will notify the neighbors to provide them with the current 24-hour contact information.

Please answer all questions.

if you would like to remove a property manager from a property, please email with the permit number and current email address of the property owner. 

Update Form

PJR-132 Property Manager Update Form (PDF: 191 kB)