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Committees and Advisory Groups

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The Springs Specific Plan and the Sonoma Valley region have a number of committees and advisory groups. Below is a list of each, along with a description of their roles and responsibilities.


Community Advisory Team (CAT)

The CAT, composed of residents and representatives of stakeholder organizations, was formed to represent the community and provide input to County staff and the Springs Specific Plan consultant team throughout the development of the Specific Plan. The CAT articulated views of residents and stakeholders in identifying the concerns and goals of the community, regularly reached out to the community while the Specific Plan was being developed in order to solicit input on priorities and issues of concern, encouraged participation in the community workshops, selected the preferred land use and circulation alternative, and commented on the draft Specific Plan. Their contribution to the process was significant and creation of this Specific Plan could not have been possible without their assistance.

  • Mia Cabrera
  • Richard Dale
  • Teresita Fernandez
  • Patricia Galindo
  • Maite Iturri
  • Scott Johnson
  • Rich Lee
  • Ryan Lely
  • Veronica Napoles
  • Michael Ross
  • Rick Ruiz
  • Gary Saperstein
  • Pedro Napoles Serrano
  • Yuliana Camarena
  • Cathy Wade Shepard 


Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The TAC was assembled to provide guidance and feedback throughout the Specific Plan process to supplement feedback and direction provided by the CAT. The TAC included department staff from the County, Sonoma Transit, and other organizations and agencies.

  • Erik Bird, California Department of Transportation
  • David Goodison, City of Sonoma
  • Andrew Manalastas, Department of Transportation and Public Works
  • Kelly Elder, Healthy Communities
  • Justin Witt, North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative
  • Ken Tam, Regional Parks
  • Barbara Field, California Department of Real Estate
  • Steve Mosiurchak, Emergency Services
  • Janet Spilman, Sonoma County Transportation Authority
  • Steven Schmitz, Sonoma County Transit
  • Bret Sackett, Sheriff’s Office
  • John Haig, Community Development Commission
  • Alice Duffee, Sonoma League for Historic Preservation
  • Louann Carlomagno, Sonoma Valley Unified School District
  • Patricia Shults, Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Matt Fullner, Valley of the Moon Water District
  • Grant Davis, Sonoma County Water Agency
  • Stephen Conteh, California Department of Transportation
  • Doug Messenger, Sonoma County Water Agency



Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Committee (SVCAC)

The SVCAC is a joint advisory agency with representation from the County of Sonoma and the City of Sonoma to share responsibility for local planning in the Sonoma Valley. It was created in 1993 to provide a regular forum for citizen participation in the formation of public policy, consider issues concerning the Sonoma Valley, evaluate solutions of these issues, advise elected officials and other decision makers, and form a bridge for communication between the various governmental agencies and the general public. The SVCAC reviewed the Springs Specific Plan discussion draft in August of 2018; they will review the Springs Specific Plan again before it and the Draft Environmental Impact Report are released to the public.

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Springs Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

The Springs MAC is a newly created group that represents the best interests of the entire community while acting as a bridge for communication between the County and local residents and businesses on topics for the Springs Area.

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