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For Immediate Release

Help Shape the Future of the Sonoma Developmental Center

Santa Rosa,CA | April 29, 2020

The Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) has entered a new chapter as the County and State embark on a unique partnership to prepare a Specific Plan for the site that will guide the progress of the site. The County’s Permit Sonoma Department is leading the planning effort together with a consultant team and has launched a robust virtual community engagement process. The full list of ways to get involved can be found on the project website,

The Specific Plan will expand on work already completed by the State to understand site conditions and opportunities. From there, the planning effort will develop conceptual alternatives for the site’s future and then prepare a draft Specific Plan using the community’s preferred path forward. Community input is essential to creating a strong and viable vision for the site. Community engagement is an essential key element to the successful development of this Specific Plan.

“There has been an immense amount of community interest in the Sonoma Developmental Center and the current climate is not going to stop us from ensuring ongoing robust engagement opportunities,” said County Supervisors Chair Susan Gorin, whose district includes the SDC. “The unique set of opportunities being made available will provide community members with a platform to share their voice which is vital to the success of this exceptional project.”

The planning process will occur over three years. The resulting Specific Plan will define a clear vision for the site, and will balance mixed uses, economic development opportunities, affordable housing, open space and resource conservation, as well as cultural and historical preservation on the property. This process provides the Sonoma County community the unique opportunity to develop and own a vision for the expansive SDC site.