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Planning Commission Meeting

Date: June 29, 2022

Time: 1:00 - 5:59 p.m.

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The Planning Commission conducts public hearings and makes decisions on applications for subdivisions, mining permits, and legislative policy matters such the General Plan, Specific Plans, and Zoning changes.

The Planning Commission meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month (and as needed).

Roll Call  

Commissioner District 1 Cornwall

Commissioner District 2 Reed

Commissioner District 4 Deas

Commissioner District 5 Koenigshofer

Commissioner District 2, Chair Ocana

Staff Members

Scott Orr, Deputy Director

Gary Helfrich, Staff

Chelsea Holup, Secretary

Verne Ball, Deputy County Counsel

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Meeting Actions (PDF)


1:00 PM Call to order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance.


Approval of Minutes March 28, 2022




Board of Zoning Adjustments/Board of Supervisors Actions


Commissioner Announcements

Planning Commission Regular Calendar               

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Item no.: 1
Time: 1:05 PM

Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan Update (PLP13-0014)


County of Sonoma


Not Applicable

Cont. from: July 26, 2021
Staff:  Gary Helfrich
Env. Doc: The project is statutorily exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as per Section 15265, Adoption of Coastal Plans and Programs. CEQA does not apply to activities and approvals pursuant to the California Coastal Act by any local government, necessary for the preparation and adoption of a local coastal program.

The State requires Sonoma County to develop and maintain a Local Coastal Program to regulate land use and protect coastal resources in compliance with the Coastal Act. In June of 2021, a revision to the 2019 Public Review Draft of the Local Coastal Plan was released. This revision, the 2021 Revised Public Review Draft was reviewed by the Sonoma County Planning Commission at their July 26, 2021 meeting. In response to public input the Planning Commission continued this hearing to October 7, 2021 to allow additional time for review and reopened the hearing to consider elements of the plan individually. As part of this extended review, involving 8 additional meetings, the California Coastal Commission provided a line-by-line review of the 2021 Revised Public Review Draft. At the conclusion of the March 28, 2022 reopened hearing, the Planning Commission directed staff to prepare a revised plan incorporating Coastal Commission recommendations and input received from the Planning Commission.

At this hearing, the Planning Commission will hold its final review of the May 2022 Planning Commission Draft Local Coastal Plan, and consider public comments received since the 2021 Revised Public Review Draft was released in June of 2021, as well as policy options based on these comments. The Planning Commission is anticipated to make their final recommendation to the Board of Supervisor for adoption of the Local Coastal Plan at the conclusion of this hearing. The Planning Commission Recommended Draft of the Local Coastal Plan will be considered for adoption by the Board of Supervisors at a future date to be determined.

All interested persons are invited and encouraged to attend and provide comments.


Commissioner District 1 Cornwall

Commissioner District 2 Reed

Commissioner District 4 Deas

Commissioner District 5 Koenigshofer

Commissioner District 2, Chair Ocana






Permit Sonoma Hearing Waiver Calendar

This calendar serves only to notify the public of hearing waiver projects. The projects listed below are not on the current agenda. During the Sonoma County Shelter in Place order additional accommodations for digital file review of the waiver period are available by contacting the project planner prior to the “last day for public comment” date listed for each item.


Disability Accommodation

If you have a disability which requires an accommodation or an alternative format to assist you in observing and commenting on this meeting, please call (707) 565-1947 or email at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting to make arrangements.


Planning Commission hearings begin at 1:00 PM and are recorded. Agenda items begin on or after the time stated on the agenda. County staff will give a presentation on the project followed by commissioner questions. A public hearing is then opened and the applicant gives a 10-minute project presentation followed by public comments. The time limit for public comments is at the Chair’s discretion and is typically 3 minutes per speaker. Please state your name for the record when you are called upon. Questions raised by the public may be answered after all public comments are given. The Commission may request staff or the applicant to answer questions, and the applicant is given the opportunity to respond to any public comments. The public hearing is then closed and no further public comments are received. The commissioners discuss the project and make a decision by motion and roll call vote.

Uncontested Calendar

All items listed on the uncontested calendar are considered to be routine. The Chair will open the public hearing on all items simultaneously. If no one from the public addresses the Planning Commission, the hearing will be closed and the items may be acted upon with a single majority vote.

Public Appearances for Non-Agenda Items

Shortly after the hearing begins, the Planning Commission invites public participation regarding the affairs of the County. Any person desiring to speak on any matter which is not scheduled on this agenda may do so. Comments may be limited to three minutes, or as imposed at the discretion of the Chair. Under State Law, matters presented during public appearances cannot be discussed or acted upon by the Planning Commission commissioners.

Public Comment

Please follow the instructions below to submit a Public Comment in writing, email or in person via Zoom. The Planning Commission invites interested persons to submit comments which are entered into the permanent record. Written comments received prior to and during the hearing are distributed to the commissioners, staff, and are available to the public via the public copies link in the calendar section of this agenda. Written comments received after the package is made public may be read into the record.

Mail Public Comments:

Address letters to: Permit Sonoma, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Attn: Planning Agency Secretary, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 and include the project number. Please note, due to the office closure under the Sonoma County Shelter in Place order, Permit Sonoma receives mail once a week leading to longer than usual processing times for mailed in items.

Email Public Comments:

Email comments to: Please provide your name and the project number. It is advised to email comments prior to the hearing date to give commissioners and staff review time.

If you wish to speak on an item which appears on this agenda, please fill out a speaker card and drop it in the box near the staff table. You will be called by the Chair in the order received. Your name, will be announced when it’s your turn to speak (1 public comment is allowed per person). The meetings are recorded and all in person testimony must be given through the microphone. Please state your name upon approaching the microphone. Each person may speak only once and is usually granted 3 minutes. Time limits are at the discretion of the Chair. Questions raised by the public are to be directed to the Commission. At the end of the hearing, the Commission may ask staff or the applicant to respond to any questions raised during the hearing.

If you wish to comment on a hearing waiver item, submit your comment directly to the assigned planner prior to the “last day for public comment” date listed for each item.

Please be respectful of others and the varying points of view. No clapping, booing, or speaking out of turn.

Please be courteous turn off cell phones and pagers while the meeting is in session.