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Preliminary Draft Local Coastal Plan (2015)

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Preliminary Draft Local Coastal Plan documents, appendices, and maps. 

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Preliminary Draft Local Coastal Plan (2015)

The Preliminary Draft was released in 2015 and has since been revised and released as the Public Review Draft. The Public Review Draft is now available for public comment: 

Public Review Draft



AppendixDescriptionFile Size
APublic Access Plan471 kB


FigureDescriptionFile Size
C-LU-1a thru 1kLand Use12.6 MB
C-AR-1a thru 1k Agricultural Resources10.6 MB
C-OSRC-1a thru 1kDesignated Scenic Resource Areas6.11 MB
C-OSRC-2a thru 2kEnvironmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas5.31 MB
C-WR-1a thru 1cWatersheds and Subwatersheds3.16 MB
C-WR-2a thru 2cGroundwater Basins2.16 MB
C-PS-1a thru 1cSeismic Geologic Hazards2.51 MB
C-PS-2a thru 2cSlope Instability Hazards3.33 MB
C-PS-3a thru 3kTsunami and Sea Level Rise Hazards6.94 MB
C-PS-4a thru 4cCoastal Exposure Threat2.05 MB
C-PS-5a thru 5cCoastal Exposure Threat1.87 MB
C-PS-6a thru 6cWildland Fire Threat1.91 MB
C-CT-1a thru 1cRoad and Bikeway Classification2.48 MB
C-PF-1a thru 1cFire Districts2.43 MB
C-PF-2a thru 2cSchool Districts2.38 MB
C-PA-1a thru 1kPublic Access5.78 MB